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We rehearse at the new Reigate Community Centre, Reigate Methodist Church. For map and information, please see their website:

The small staff car park at the rear of Reigate Community Centre is not available for choir members.
Parking is free after 6 pm in the public car parks of Bell Street and the High Street, or after 7 pm in Morrisons customer car park. If you enter Morrisons car park before 7 pm you will be subject to a max stay of 2 hours.

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Mel is an exceptional teacher who works very hard to achieve the best from her choir. Voicerox is fun, good for you (singing releases endorphins), is inclusive and friendly, and raises money for good causes. It welcomes a range of singing abilities and experience - and is positively life affirming!
I have just completed my first full year with Voicerox and would like to share what an amazing experience it has turned out to be! Last week I took part in the Hawth Concert, something I never thought I would be able to do. My grown up children remarked that this was the first time they had seen me do something for myself, which in their words 'took loads of guts and determination' and they were so proud of me.
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